Why Kerstar Vacuum Cleaners Are So Popular

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Why Kerstar Vacuum Cleaners Are So Popular

Kerstar vacuum cleaners can do more than just clean carpets. If you regularly undertake industrial cleaning jobs, then you can’t be emptying it out every two minutes. That’s why Kerstar vacuum cleaners are designed to hold between 9-100 litres, as opposed to the 2-3 litres of a standard vacuum.

All that extra space might seem shocking, but being shocked is something you won’t need to worry about when using Kerstar vacuums, as most types come with anti-static hoses.

You’re less likely to receive a static shock while using an anti-static hose, but you’re also less likely to suffer from dust build up. Over time, tiny pieces of fine dust can cling to the inside of standard hoses, will likely result in them needing to be cleaned more regularly.

The dust can’t cling to the inside of an anti-static hose, as no static exists; This makes cleaning much less of a chore.

There’s a couple of Kerstar vacuums that stand out for their unique features, which we’ll take a brief look at before moving into the history of Kerstar as a company.

Aqua Prima & KV 18/1 W/D

These top of the range vacuum cleaner comes with injection moulded corrosion free plastic motorheads, ensuring that you get many years of use out of them.

Additionally, Kerstar produces a range of extension wands, and bent hose ends from nonmagnetic 304 Grade Stainless Steel, as opposed to the lesser materials that more common vacuum cleaners come with. Both the Aqua Prima and KV 18/1 W/D happen to be exceptionally lightweight at 7.7 kg and 15 kg, respectively.

Wet & Dry and Swarf Vacuum Cleaners

These Kerstar vacuums are just the thing you need if dealing with copious amounts of liquid. Ideal for such industries as water tank emptying, flood clearance, and more. Additionally, it has a few technical specifications that help set it apart.


  • Single Motor Max Airflow 43.5Ltr/Sec
  • Twin Motor Max Airflow 82Ltr/Sec


  • 1000w Max / 800w Mean or Twin Motor 2000w Max / 1600w Mean


  • 230/110v or 50/60Hz

Cleaning Range

  • 28.5 Metres – 94 Feet
  • Capacity Wet/Dry Litre
  • KV 100/1 W/D 90/90
  • KV 100/2 W/D 90/90
  • KV 100/1 WP 90/ –
  • KV 100/2 WP 90/ –

Dimensions KV100 (H x W x D) mm – All Models

  • 970x560x640

Weight (Kg)

  • KV 100/1 W/D 28 / KV 100/2 W/D 31
  • KV 100/1 WP 33 / KV 100/2 WP 36

The History Of Kerstar

Kerstar has been specialising in making specialist vacuum cleaners for over 60 years. Located in Northampton, they manufacture a vast range of cleaning products which are used all over the world. Having stocked them in our store for decades, there’s one thing that makes Kerstar stand out from the rest of the manufacturers: their exceptional quality and accessories.

No matter your cleaning task, Kerstar has a solution for you. From dry vacuum cleaners to hazardous dust vacuums, Kerstar’s quality products will get the job done for years to come.

To view all of our Kerstar vacuum cleaners available, visit our online store.

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