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Numatic Ride-On TRG720/200T

Model No. 909945

Product Overview

A more user friendly ride-on scrubber dryer would be hard to find. Designed to provide long, simple and reliable service day in day out whatever the environment.

The TRG720 is based on the well established engineering of the Vario model but simplified to provide a truly professional, cost effective workhorse. You can vary the water flow and the operating speed to suit a whole host of conditions from big areas lightly soiled to heavy duty scrubbing in more arduous conditions.

The TRG720 is blessed with a commanding operator driving position, front wheel traction drive, a magnificent turning circle and one pass performance that really will ensure you get the standard you want, exactly when you want it… and fast.

  • Twin Brush – 720 twin brush power head cleaning system.
  • Easy Brush Access – Easy side access to brushes for maintenance.
  • Controlled Cleaning – Fully adjustable water flow rate.
  • On-board Charging – Easy and convenient, just plug and go. Fully sealed low maintenance Gel batteries.
  • Simple Operator Control – Full dashboard control with soft touch Nutronic controls.
  • Safety Features – Emergency stop button, power off removable key, horn button and hazard warning light and built in reversing alarm are just a few of the many safety features included.
  • 61Easy Maintenance – Easy access to batteries and fuses for maintenance.


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Technical Specifications

Vacuum Motor Power 24V 600 W
Brush Motor Power 2 x 24V 600 W
Power 4 X 12V (24V) = 200 Ah
Run Time 3.5 Hrs
Traction Drive 600 W
Transit Speed 0-7.0km/h
Cleaning Speed 3.5km/h
Scrub Width 720 mm
Brush Speed 200 rpm
Water Capacity 120L
Water Flow Rate 3L/min, 2L/min, 1L/min, 0.5L/min
Climbing Gradient 11%
Weight (Ready to use inc full tank) 490 kg
Dimensions 944x1676x1425mm
Charge Time 8 hrs.

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